Jun 12

Michael Mayer is a reluctant metaphysician and storyteller who uses ancient sacred wisdom traditions to help people find a healing pathway through troubled times. Michael, “Deer Kissing Eyes,” (following the medicine animal name that came to him through his forty night vision quest), helps individuals and groups to open to their inner vision and transform their lives thereby. As a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, Michael uses traditions of postural initiation to facilitate a person’s discovering self-healing abilities and to discover new life stances. As an astromythologist (who doesn’t believe in predictive astrology), he won the astrology prize from the Astrological Association of Great Britain for the most valuable contribution to astrology in 1979.

Dr. Michael Mayer is a psychologist in private practice, author of twenty publications, including six books and various peer-reviewed articles on bodymind healing. He does workshops on his integrative approach at professional conferences, universities, hospitals, and various workshop locations. He was a co-founding member of the Transpersonal Psychology Department at John F. Kennedy University where he trained therapists for twelve years; and he co-founded an integrative medical clinic where he specializes in giving his patients self-healing methods for physical and mental health problems. Dr. Mayer is a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Michael is inspired by special places in nature where he plays his flute, practices Tai Chi and Qigong, and develops rites of renewal for his community.