Aug 12

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I'm very grateful that the new edition of my award-winning book, The Mystery of Personal Identity just received a positive review in the journal of The Astrological Association of Great Britain's January 2014 edition. You can read the review at this link. Or, if you're interested in seeing awards and reviews that my Reluctant Metaphysician book has received you can click on this link.

The Hermeneutic approach I've taken to astrology is one of the pathways of the Reluctant Metaphysician:-)

Please let me know what you think...


OK, finally here is the first blog post for my site. Having one foot planted into the terrain of ancient traditions, and one in the modern world, I'm looking forward to having a dialogue with readers of the Reluctant Metaphysician book and perusers of this website. Please ask questions, make comments. Let's e-talk...I'd like to also hear about how others of you are on the path of being "Reluctant Metaphysicians..."

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