Feb 14

Living your Life Purpose Today

How are you doing with living your life's purpose today? According to "The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician," our lives are about making interesting and healing stories from the people and the issues we meet...and finding our life stance towards the problems with which we deal on the Path.

"Each soul’s purpose is to take the joyful and painful stories of our lives, and from those experiences to weave a “coat of many colors” that will be passed on to our children or future generations. Each of us weaves together our unique quilt from the threads of various spiritual traditions we have explored (blue threads), the light hearted moments we have experienced (golden threads), the wounds we have suffered (red threads), the places in nature that have become our sanctuaries (green threads), the people we have met (uniquely colored threads), and from our dreams and visions (purple threads). "

Ph.D., Michael Mayer,. The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician (Kindle Locations 841-845). Booksurge.

Wouldn't it be a better world if those corporate executives who are maximizing profits while advocating for deregulating environmental laws were focusing on the life stories that they are leaving in their wake? Have you been listening to the Rachel Maddow show where she is showing how the recent chemical spills in West Virginia and North Carolina were caused by subterfuge of environmental laws and environmentalist's actions? What kind of political action, signing petitions, sharing relevant information etc., can each of us do to our part in living our life stories?