Jul 13

I just returned from the 15th Annual Conference on Energy Psychology

I just returned from the 15th Annual Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference. I was glad that this was the first year that ACEP had a Qigong track, and that ACEP has been recognized for CE credits by the American Psychological Association. Check out David Feinstein's article in a prestigious psychology journal where he identifies 51 peer-reviewed studies about the tapping of acu-points to address psychological issues. Feinstein, D. (2012). Acupoint stimulation in treating psychological disorders: Evidence of efficacy. Review of General Psychology, 16, 364-380. http://innersource.net/ep/images/stories/downloads/Acupoint_Stimulation_Research_Review.pdf.


I gave my Bodymind Healing in Psychotherapy presentation on advocating for the broadening of EP methods to include Qigong, symbolic process methods, Gendlin's focusing, and elements of traditional psychology that contain energy enhancing and transforming methods. http://www.energypsych.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=377.


I'd love to have feedback from readers of this post on whether you think that energy psychology methods should be expanded to gain greater results? #energypsychology, #BodymindHealing, #Psychotherapy, #Qigong, #Gendlin'sFocusing, @Qigong, @ACEP, @energypsychology, @energypsychology.