Aug 12

Commonwealth Club-Book Signing and Presentation, SF

Title: Commonweslth Club Book Signing and Presentation, SF
Location: The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, 595 Market St., 2nd Fl., SF

Date: October 4, 2012, 6 pm

Description: Integral Health: Bodymind Healing Approaches for Troubled Times.
Reservations: To purchase tickets by phone call: (415) 597-6705 or (800) 847-7730, or e-mail reservations@commonwealthclub.org. Non-member ticket price is $20. (Or, let me know ahead of time that you want to come, and I'll pass your name on to the club, and you can pay at the door.) 5:30 pm, Networking Reception, 6:00 pm, Program, 7:00 pm, Book Signing. http://www.commonwealthclub.org

Date: 2012-10-04

Aug 12

Dr. Michael Mayer's Blog

I'm very grateful that the new edition of my award-winning book, The Mystery of Personal Identity just received a positive review in the journal of The Astrological Association of Great Britain's January 2014 edition. You can read the review at this link. Or, if you're interested in seeing awards and reviews that my Reluctant Metaphysician book has received you can click on this link.

The Hermeneutic approach I've taken to astrology is one of the pathways of the Reluctant Metaphysician:-)

Please let me know what you think...


OK, finally here is the first blog post for my site. Having one foot planted into the terrain of ancient traditions, and one in the modern world, I'm looking forward to having a dialogue with readers of the Reluctant Metaphysician book and perusers of this website. Please ask questions, make comments. Let's e-talk...I'd like to also hear about how others of you are on the path of being "Reluctant Metaphysicians..."

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Aug 12

Press Release


Press Release on PR News Channel: http://www.prnewschannel.com/2012/08/08/new-book-shows-how-to-turn-life-crisis-into-personal-transformation/

Press Release_7225274_1P : For PDF of Press Release Click here.

New Book Shows how to turn Life Crisis into Personal Transformation

Using ancient sacred wisdom, psychologist Michael Mayer introduces life lessons that allow contemporary people to face difficult times in “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician”

ORINDA, Calif. – In “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician” (ISBN 0983966508), Michael Mayer describes how difficult times and life crises can turn us all into “reluctant metaphysicians” who must rethink our life philosophies.

“A career change, an upsetting external event, a serious illness, a painful breakup or an unraveling culture can all be invitations to enter a deeper world behind the world,” says the psychologist. “You may not have chosen to go there, but you evolve thereby.”

Using teachings and practices from ancient wisdom traditions, Mayer shows readers how to develop a strong life stance that can weather all sorts of personal difficulties. During our current time of great economic depression and political strife, “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician” helps develop various practices that lend stability to the soul and give peace of mind.

Each chapter is built around a gripping, inspirational story such as the 40-night solitary vision quest in the woods undertaken by Mayer, which allowed him to rewrite the purpose of his life. “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician” is written from a viewpoint that sees conflict as a launching pad for personal transformation. From psychological issues to disease Mayer regards these as “divine afflictions,” which can give people crucial opportunities to grow their soul and find an inner source of healing.

Using traditions culled from world mythology, Tai Chi and body-mind healing methods, “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician” maps out strategies for reinvigorating a soul hit by personal misfortunes. It gives readers the tools to develop their own spiritual philosophy and cultivate a resilient mindset. It draws on Mayer’s extensive training as a psychologist while offering many personal stories from his experiences in the counterculture and the world of alternative healing. It makes a great introduction to ancient healing traditions, showing how they apply to our own times.


Kirkus Reviews says, "A meaningful contribution to the spiritual self-help library…A psychologist blends spiritual paths from the East, West, and beyond for an innovative approach to healing…an expansive tale told with humility and insight."

“The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Michael Mayer, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice, has written extensively about body-mind healing. He was a co-founding faculty member of  the transpersonal psychology department at John F. Kennedy University where he oversaw the training of therapists. He is a fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and co-founder of an integrative medical clinic. Mayer is author of 20 publications on integrating ancient wisdom traditions and modern bodymind healing such as his past books, “Energy Psychology: Self-Healing Practices for Bodymind Health” and “Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy: Ancient Pathways to Modern Health,” and his Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD.


Michael Mayer

E-mail:             drmichael@reluctantmetaphysician.com

Phone:             (510) 849-2878

Web:                http://www.reluctantmetaphysician.com




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